The Secret of Shambhala by James Redfield


Long time back I had read ‘Celestine Prophecy’. And I had really liked it. It was my introduction to the theory of ‘Energy Fields’. And I had liked the way he had presented it in a fictional work. All the nine insights were something that I could relate to. While also enjoying the thrill-packed in the format of the book.

Have not read his tenth insight, somehow was not inclined to read. Or shall I say never got the vibes to pick it up from a bookstore? But this book The Secret of Shambhala, which is the search of Eleventh Insight, was recommended by a friend. Especially for research for a project that we jointly plan to do. The first question that I asked him was ‘Do I need to read the tenth insight before I read this’ and he said ‘No’. So I picked up this book and courtesy some unplanned holidays was able to finish it fast.

The book The Secret of Shambhala follows the same format as Celestine prophecy. The author traveling in an unknown land, this time it was Tibet, instead of Peru, being guided by omens and angels. And discovering insights on the way. While there are forces that try and stop him from gaining the insights. This time he goes in search of a euphoric place called Shambhala, where people with higher energy levels live and who create and control everything with the power of their intent and thoughts. It talks about the field of Intention and the field of prayers. And how by extending your energy fields you can influence the action of others. Either by raising their or your own energy levels.

The Secret of Shambhala: In Search Of The Eleventh Insight by James Redfield

The protagonist travels to Tibet and goes on for his search for Shambhala. Where he is assisted by Yin and is obstructed by Chinese Army. But eventually manages to reach the temples of Shambhala. And on his way learns to extend his energy fields to influence others, situations, and circumstances. It also emphasizes the importance of right kind of food to maintain the body so that you can raise your energy levels, and not allow the body to decay by having too much acidic stuff, or non-living food.

The Secret of Shambhala is a good read that makes you feel the power that you have within you to not only influence your own life but also to influence the way others operate, as long as you operate from positive energy field.

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  1. Shivaji, non-living food is all processed food, and most of the meat. Basically anything that converts into acidic stuff in your stomach. Most of the living or fresh stuff like fruits have an alkaline effect on your body and which is better than the acidic stuff. Acidic stuff leads to decay of the body.

    Shalini, come back to Bangalore.

    Vijay, it is Shambhala…:-)



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