The Medici Effect by Frans Johansson


The Medici Effect refers to the creative environment created by the Medici banking family in Renaissance Italy in the 16th Century. The author gives insights into how to create that effect again. And create spurts of innovation in your environment. Frans refers to this phenomenon as ‘Intersection’. You may refer to this term as ‘cross-pollination’ of ideas from various fields as well. So essentially what the author is saying is identify opportunities for cross-pollination of ideas. Or get to a point that is at the intersection of unrelated fields, generate a lot of ideas combining the two fields. Probably creating something new.

It’s a small book full of stories and anecdotes. That are used as examples to illustrate the power of Intersection. There is a good analysis of how people from different dimensions come together and build a new dimension. How to unleash your own creativity you need to get out of your network and your comfort zone. And put yourself in an absolutely new environment. That is when you learn fast and apply your knowledge of multiple fields to generate new ideas.

The Medici Effect: What Elephants and Epidemics Can Teach Us About Innovation by Frans Johansson

To apply this to an organizational situation would take as much effort as any other innovation technique. An organization will have to create environment and platform for such intersections to happen. And then to create a framework to evaluate and take forward the ideas that are hence created.

Read the book more for the examples and the stories. Some of them are very interesting and not so well known. But otherwise, it is a nice read. May not be something drastically different from what you already know if you are in the innovation space.

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