The Lost Temple by Vishesh Sharma


The Lost Temple by Vishesh Sharma is a fast-paced fiction that combines mythology, archeology, military technology, nuclear science; Himalayan treks and finally ends in Goa on a beach. There are various groups searching for a lost temple. The whole story is about all of them converging to the temple in the end. And who wins the secret of the temple for the reader to read and discover.

What I liked about The Lost Temple by Vishesh Sharma, is the pace at which the story moves. The number of different elements and groups that the author has managed to bring together through the story. The story moves in multiple dimensions and the author displays his command on subjects as diverse as military equipment and ancient Indian temple architecture. There is a high suspense thrill in the story. And of course, there is a romantic angle that develops as the story moves. Not many contemporary authors can achieve the kind of flow Vishesh Sharma has managed to bring in coupled with his knowledge of different subjects. Furthermore, in the age of over-analysis, it is nice to see someone working on bringing synthesis amongst different subjects. linking the modern to the ancient. We need many more works that synthesize out thought process rather than break everything for microanalysis.

 The author etches out the characters in the story properly hence, you can relate to most of them. What is good about his character etching is that most of them are likable characters.  furthermore, all of them have a distinct identity of their own. None of them are like – they could be anybody. There is an angle of Mills and Boon variety of romance with some sex scenes thrown in to complete a need for that. I think the story would have been as powerful without them and with the classical kind of romance.

However, it is the end that left me a little disappointed. The whole story is gearing the reader towards the end. But the end though interesting leaves you wanting a bit more. I understand that the author has left the story at a point where he can pick it up for a sequel. I would definitely look forward to reading the sequel but I would have wanted this book to be complete as an independent story. He leaves loose a lot of ends open. The author leaves unexplained the whole Russian and Chinese angle. How did they come into the picture and how did they end. The fight scenes get into graphic details, that did not interest me much but I know most readers would like reading those scenes.

What worked the best for me in The Lost Temple by Vishesh Sharma was the author’s writing style. It shows a lot of potential for good thriller writing. He has the skill to keep the reader engaged. And to invoke that curiosity that the reader keeps turning pages and keeps thinking – what is going to happen next. Having said that author must realize that this ability is a double-edged sword. And also raises expectations in the reader’s mind and they want that thrill till the end. So you need to have as strong an end as the story.

Read it.

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The Lost Temple by Vishesh Sharma
The Lost Temple by Vishesh Sharma
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  1. what next is my exclamation in the temples trekking xperiences.
    in a recent writers` meet w/shop a speake said-
    violence and sex sell more in media and writings.
    hence the dosage of some as long as they remain within ethics.
    good reviewings.


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