The Delhi that No-One Knows by R V Smith


The Delhi that No-One Knows by R V Smith
The Delhi that No-One Knows ‘can fit in your pocket’ size book is big enough to invoke romantic interest in Delhi. In less than 150 pages, the author shares so many myths, legends, and stories associated with Delhi. And you would want to get up and go to those places and see the stories for yourself.

The book is loosely divided into 4 parts: South Delhi, Shahjahanabad, Lal Quila and Beyond the city walls. What each section has is the stories from that area. Some about the people who lived there, some about the monuments and some about the evolution of things like names of the places. The author also talks about certain places that are now landmarks in the city. But no one knows about how they came to be known as they are known today. When he does not have the answers, he leaves you with a lot of questions, and some potential answers. And it’s up to you to choose the answer, depending upon what you want to believe. He takes you back and forth in time depending on what place he is talking about.

He is obviously someone who has lived in and loved Delhi. And has all these nuggets to share. There is no story, just a random collection of stories about his city. You would also come to know about a lot of not so well known places in Delhi. And you would be tempted to stop next time you drive by them. The simple narrative, devoid of any frills is a delight to read.

For any Delhi lover, this is a must-read book.

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  1. Shweta, Julia, I am sure you would enjoy this book just as I did.

    Zeevie, thanks for that BIG compliment

    Indihues, thanks and do share about your Delhi days.

  2. Delhi is a place I would love to stay but it needs to develop a work culture…Commonwealth is/was aberration … though we should be proud of it only because of our sundry athelets..majority of Indians have never heard of….but the book you are recommending must be worth a try….

  3. Hey, does anyone know where can I find R.V Smith’s ‘The Delhi that no one knows’? I have been looking for that book since forever, it has never been digitally printed (that’s what I gathered from talking to many people), and it has been out of print since 2005.


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