The Path of Practice by Bri Maya Tiwari


The Path of Practice is a book written by a Brahmin born in Guyana. Who worked as a fashion designer in New York and later became a spiritual seeker after a personal experience. And is a student of Swami Dayanand Saraswati. Her writing has a lot of conviction as most of what she has written is from her own personal experiences. Everything that she recommends is based on well-known ancient Vedic principles.

The Path of Practice by Bri Maya Tiwari

The Path of Practice A Woman’s Book of Ayurvedic Healing by Bri Maya Tiwari

She has gone through a ‘cancer reversing’ experience herself, and that too at a very young age, and landed up in a situation that can be depressing for anyone and can potentially put people in a negative spiral. But she managed to manage herself and find a purpose in life by helping others establish their lost connections.


The book The Path of Practice is almost autobiographical. Starting from her own journey, and then narrating the incidents of her students and followers. What is interesting is that although she has her roots in India, but, she has never lived in India. And came here when she was already on her path of exploration. Hence she learns everything almost like a Westerner and is amazed at everything. While we tend to take most of these things for granted, at the same time, her Indian roots give her the conviction in all the rituals and principles that she learns in the process.

She now runs Wise Earth School of Ayurveda, based out of North Carolina.

Things that I discovered through this book

Although most of the things mentioned are usual generic things that you would find in any book based on Ayurveda, Yoga, or Spirituality, there are a few new things that I discovered through this book. Especially relevant for women as the tagline of the book says ‘A Woman’s Book of Healing with Food, Breath and Sound”:

1. A woman’s biological rhythm needs to be in sync with the moon cycle for the woman to be perfectly healthy. I am not sure how many women in today’s age would qualify under this. Most I know would not.

2. The importance of chants and sounds in bringing our basic body rhythms in sync with the environment and opening up the channels in our chakras.

3. The sound produced when you prepare food can have a healing impact on you. I had never thought of this, but when I look back I think I was happiest and healthiest when I used to cook all three meals for myself.

Though I would like to follow everything that she recommends, but am not sure how much of it is practical within the limits of the city life that I lead.

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