My Friend Sancho by Amit Varma


My Friend Sancho by Amit Varma
Chetan Bhagat has sure inspired a whole generation of writers to write. And in some cases, they have taken forward his legacy to the next level. This book My Friend Sancho I would put in the same category. But it is definitely better than Chetan Bhagat’s books because at least it has a plot and some story is woven around that plot. Language is witty and it does make you laugh. It is a book written by a boy and by a blogger for the people who belong to the age of blogging. And sharing instant thoughts about things that are instantly around them.

Protagonist Abir Ganguly is a journalist. He lands in a situation where he has to write about two aspects of a story. And while doing this he gets entangled with a character in his story. There are no twists and turns in the story. Written in first-person it only talks about the protagonist. His life as a journalist in a big city and his dealing with this one particular story. What makes the book worth reading is the tongue and cheek language, the monologues that the protagonist has with himself. His funny description of unexpressed thoughts and wishful thinking and his inventive talks with the lizard in his house.

Though there was no need, Amit leaves no opportunity to promote his blog throughout the book. By the end, you know that when he mentions internet he is bound to talk about his blog. Sometimes the book looks like an extension of his blog, the one-liners keep coming every now and then. The protagonist is almost like the alter ego of the author. Sorry Amit, hazards of being a famous blogger, people know you more than you think.

Why do I see a Hindi film in all the new age novels? Is it because the writers have grown up under the influence of Hindi films so that shows in their writing? Or is it that they all are eyeing converting their books into films?

A quick, easy and funny read. Thanks, Shivmeet for giving me this book.

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