Man Lagyo Mero Yaar Fakiri Mein by Kabir


Man Lagyo Mero Yaar Fakiri Mein by Kabir


मन लाग्यो मेरो यार फकीरी में            Man Lagyo mero yaar fakiri mein

जो सुख पाऊँ राम भजन में                Jo sukh paoon Ram bhajan mein

वो सुख नहीं अमीरी में                      woh sukh nahin ameeri mein

भला बुरा सबको सुन लीजो               Bhala Bhura sabko sun leejo

कर गुजरान गरीबी में                       kar gujraan gareebi mein

हाथ में तुम्बा, बगल में सोटा              Haath mein toomba, bagal mein sota

चारों दिशाएं जागीरी में                    chaaron dishayen jagiri mein

प्रेम नगर में रहनी हमारी                 Prem nagar mein rehani hamari

भली बन आयो सबूरी में                  Bhali bani aayee saboori mein

आखिर यह तन खाख मिलेगा            Aakhir yeh tan khaak milega

क्या फिरे मग़रूरी में                       kya fire magroori mein

कहे कबीर सुनो बही साधो               Kahe kabir suno bhai sadho

साहिब मिलेगा सबूरी में                  sahib milega saboori mein

I enjoy being a Fakir

The joy that I get in singing Ram Bhajans

I don’t get that in enjoying the riches of life

For being a Fakir, I would listen all good & bad things

and I would live in poverty

If I have my one stringed instrument in one hand, and my stick in another

All four directions are my wealth

I live in the land of love

and the good comes from being content

This body will finally merge with the earth

What is there to be proud of it

Kabir says – you will find HIM

right here in your patience

Fakir is a word that we need to understand here. This poem through various metaphors tries to explain what a Fakir is and what he enjoys and how once you start enjoying being Fakir – there is nothing else that matters from that point onwards.

Fakir is someone who can have or has everything but chooses not to have. He is detached from the material world in a way that it can not bind him. He can not be bound to one house, one person – as he believes that the whole world and everyone in this world belong to him. He is equanimous as his sense of being does not come from what he owns, where he lives and who he is related to. 

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In this poem ‘ Man Lagyo Mero Yaar Fakiri Mein ‘, he says that I am blissfully lost in the world of a Fakir. I enjoy my bhajans more than any riches. For this I can listen to anything good or bad that I have to, I am willing to spend my life in poverty for I enjoy the absolute freedom that Fakiri gives me. 

He says as long as I have my one-stringed instrument called Tumba in my one hand and my stick in another, all four directions are my kingdom. This reflects his inclination towards music or the need for music in life even when there is nothing else that’s required. Come to think of it when we try and possess small pieces of real estate or other materialistic things – in a way are we not giving up our claim to everything else, are we not saying – this is mine and implicitly imply that everything else is not mine. When you give up anything you have, suddenly everything becomes yours. 

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He then reflects on the fact that this life is momentary – a theme that recurs in many of his poems. Since this body is momentary, what’s the point in being proud of it nurturing vanity for it. He is urging us to immerse in the eternal pleasures that come when you love and when you are content with what you have. 

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Kabir says you will find HIM or GOD in this very contentment. Do not go looking out for him elsewhere, he resides right inside you – again a theme that repeats many times in his works.

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