The Hidden Power Of Gayatri Mantra By Om Swami


Gayatri Mantra is the first mantra any Indian is taught. Some of us know only this mantra of the millions that exist. After reading a few scriptures, I wonder if this one is the only one that matters or good enough to keep us on the path. I have earlier read the Secret of Mantras by Om Swami and loved the book. Have recommended and gifted it to a few people.

The Hidden Power of Gayatri Mantra by Om SwamiPost which I read a couple of more books by the author. He is a great communicator. I must add that eloquence is a function of clarity of mind. To put seemingly complex subjects in simple and easy words and where needed steps need crystal clear vision as well as an understanding of your audience.

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This book has been written as a sequel to his earlier book – Secret of Mantras. Om Swami picked up the feedback on that book, which was appreciated but was found impractical by most people. So, he decided to tell about the easiest possible mantra sadhna – that of Gayatri Mantra. While doing so, he shares his unusual anecdotes to drive home the point that mantra sadhna must be done with all sincerity.

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He repeatedly says it is more important to keep up your own commitment to a certain number of chants. Rather than committing to a large number by chanting them randomly. He has systematically put each step for the serious practitioner. As well as for the beginner who may get overwhelmed by big commitment. He talks about his personal experience of doing small sadhanas in different parts of the world. This puts a lot of conviction in his words. Especially for those who are not his followers but may still follow his words.

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Sankalpa – How to realize your full potential through daily practice

Gayatri Mantra is a small Mantra. I have personally done a lot of Gayatri Yagnas once upon a time. However, I just did it without really making a commitment. Although I did follow all the norms and steps. It was interesting to understand those steps that I used to perform. I wish I took a Sankalpa, but then it really does not matter.

If you ever wanted to do Gayatri Sadhana, this book guides you to do it on your own. It tells you everything you need to know about it. There are steps for the most elaborate Sadhana and for the smallest version that you can use. I do not think he could have made it easier than this for a layperson.

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A couple of quotes from the book that I liked:

When you are fulfilled, you can manifest fairly much anything in your life.

That which helps us realize the truth (jna) for now, the present moment (ya) is Yajna. Our life is a series of present moments.

Read it and you might just end up doing Gayatri Sadhana.

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