The Ancient Science of Mantras by Om Swami


The Ancient Science of Mantras introduces you to the world of mantras like a guide, holding your hand like a guru. It tells you what mantra and mantra sadhana can do for you. In a true Indic way it tells you first if this path to self-discovery or a siddhi is meant for you or not. He then tells you all the different dimensions of a mantra sadhana before giving you a step by step process to perform mantra sadhana and achieve what you want to achieve.

I like the objective approach that Om Swami takes on a subject that is usually spoken only with reverence and often injects fear and doubt into the receiver. He gives his warning but he also gives a way out every time you falter. He prepares you well before you decide to take this path and constantly reminds you of what is important if you really want to achieve something using the Ancient Science of Mantras.

The Ancient Science of Mantras by Om Swami

I have performed Gayatri Yagna for a year on every Sunday, so I am familiar with the basic process of doing a Purushachaman – as it is called in the book. It made it very easy for me to understand the process as I done all those steps although not with too much of understanding. The book helped me internalize the whole process.

Wisdom of Sages

Did you know when you do Mantra Sadhana you need to understand not just the Mantra that you chant, but also know the kind of rosary you use, the color of clothes that you should wear, what type of asana you should sit on and which direction should you face. As I read the book, each of these aspects opened one after the other like one door opens after the other till you reach the core of a city or a treasure.

At the first door, Om Swami tells you that Mantra Sadhana is only for those who believe in some form of God, it is not meant for those who do not believe in God. However, I would say, even if you do not want to undertake Mantra Sadhana, do read this book to understand the science. You might be overwhelmed by how comprehensive the science of mantras is. You will at least understand what a well-defined process it is and how much it demands from a sadhak. It will definitely prepare you for the journey if you intend to take one into the world of Science of Mantras.

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To give you a glimpse, he tells you 16 conditions that you need to fulfill to gain maximum value out of Mantra Sadhana. This includes devotion, food, breathing, mudras or hand locks, havan or fire offerings, bali or sacrifice etc besides chanting. There are 40 steps for doing Mantra Sadhana when you do it with an intention to achieve something, including material things. He tells you which Mantra Sadhana to be performed for how many days and what kind of preparation it needs. For example, Sri Sukta Sadhana needs unbroken 960 days pre-preparation. He also tells you ways to choose the right mantra based on your name. However, he sticks to the right-hand mantra sadhana. Left hand or Vaam path sadhanas that are done by tantriks are not a part of this book.

Everything is mentioned in such minute detail that you can use this book as a manual for mantra sadhana.

Realise Your Dreams Achieve Your Goals

Om Swami breaks a big tradition with this book. He puts in the public domain the discipline of Mantra Sadhana in the absence of a guru. It is a genuine problem of our times, we do not know where to find the right Guru who can initiate you into a lineage. He through this book is giving you ways to initiate yourself into Mantra Sadhana. He still recommends having a guru and never underestimates the initiation by a Guru who knows you. A guru will give you the right mantra based on many things that he can see and judge for you.

However, in the absence of a Guru, should one be denied of the benefits of the science of mantras. It is with this aim Om Swami has written this book. He gives you the mantras that he has practiced himself. Wherever he has no first-hand experience, he tells you so.

I really enjoyed reading this book. It made me aware of so many aspects of the science of mantras. I always believed in it, but now I understand it a bit. Next step is to practice it. But like many people, I am still waiting for a Guru to initiate me.

Read it.

If you have ever wondered about the Ancient Science of Mantras, this book will answer many questions for you. There is even a further reading list if you want to delve deeper or go directly to the source in Indian scriptures.

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  1. Hello Anu,
    I have read about sri suktam sadhana of 960 days(mentioned in rig veda/omg swami book).
    Question I have is,it is mentioned to chant sri suktam daily (11 times in morning and 5 times in evening). I would like to know is full sri suktam or Only upto 1 to 16 verse of sri suktam?. If you please help me to know it would help me a lot . Thank you! Based on your answer on sri suktam I have reached out to you.


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