YourDOST – A Case Study

Team YourDOST

Team YourDOST

We have all had times when we feel a need for a person with who we could share our deepest miseries. Sometimes, it is as grave as an urge to end our life and also at times as simple as about our overly nagging boss at work. I know we have our friends and family for that, but it is also equally true that, there are things which we might not be comfortable sharing even with them. That’s exactly where comes a need for an expert’s opinion, say a Pyschologist, a counselor or a career coach or guide. But the trickiest part of this is that, many of us share a taboo of approaching a psychologist or a counselor, because for us approaching them would mean, being termed mad.

Richa Singh, an IIT – Ghuwati graduate, realized this issue through some of her own personal experiences and went on a journey to hunt down a complete solution. She was soon joined by Satyajeet, Puneet and Prakhar and hence was formed YourDOST ( – an emotional wellness coach. It is an online platform, where anybody can register anonymously, share their miseries with experts like psychologists, career coaches, mentors and seek some useful advice.

As the name explains it all, it is your true online friend. With the alarming statistics of a person committing suicide every 4 minutes and at least 20% of the population of India suffering from depression, this platform is something that calls for attention.

Like at the start of any big thing, it was not easy for YourDOST. They were fighting not just depression and stress, but were also fighting the stigma and ignorance to these in the masses. It might sound ironic, but the word ‘mental’ has become synonymous with the words like mad or insanity. To address these issues, of discoverability and comfort & ease of talking to expert, they have built a platform (for the website and also on the mobile app) where anyone going through emotional trauma can anonymously seek support.

Within 1 year of its initiation, YouDOST now has over 200 experts and touched lives of more than 1,00,000 people. Another interesting feature of this organization is that, as of now it is running as a free service to the people seeking help. Right now their aim is to fight the stigma associated with mental health and spread the word and reach about the importance of mental wellness in India.

However for sustenance in future, they aim at making revenue through commission on all paid transactions, affiliate/content sales and B2B sales.

Anytime you feel a need to talk something out, don’t hesitate. Just approach YourDOST.

This is a guest post written by Ananya SenGupta of YourDOST.

Anuradha Goyal