You call this Innovation

Wall Street Journal Article ‘You call that Innovation‘ is one of the most honest articles I have read on Innovation. The article quotes number of times the annual reports mention Innovation as a word even to describe their mundane activities. The use of the word has increased in 64% in last 5 years and obviously this is not in sync with the amount of innovation. Every company has an innovation initiative going in with dedicated teams and consultants working on it. Suddenly market is flooded with books on Innovation.

Bill Taylor of HBR writes on the basis of the above article ‘Please, can we all just stop innovation‘ and quotes examples of real innovations in the business world, where the aim was not to innovate, but innovation happened to meet a larger goal. I think all those examples are worth understanding. We must understand that innovation for the sake of innovation is worse than no innovation, when you at least know that you are NOT doing innovation.

You need to question what does innovation mean to you and your company? Are your initiatives really innovations or are they simple changes that any live organizations will have.

It leads to another question – Has the buzz gone out of the word or the jargon Innovation?

Anuradha Goyal

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