Workshops by Anuradha Goyal

Some of the Workshops by Anuradha Goyal are listed here.

Science Behind Indian Calendar

A 3-4 hour workshop, delivered in two sessions helps you understand the science behind the Luni-Solar Indian Calendar and how our Tithis (dates) and festivals are calculated.

We have successfully delivered this to 1000+ people already including school children, college students, and the corporate crowd.

Introduction to Durga Saptashati

This is a 90-120 minute session that tells the story of Durga Saptashati, its meaning, and recommended ways to chant it. A free session is done by Anuradha before every Sharad and Chaitra Navaratri. Anyone can join it to learn the basics of Durga Saptashati.

For a dedicated session apart from these two, please connect by email.

Kahat Kabir – The Poet and the Poetry

2-4 hour session on Kabir, his times, and his poetry – interpreting some of his popular and not-so-popular works. It is always a pleasure to read Kabir again and again. He brings timeless wisdom in easy-to-understand and relates metaphors from our everyday life.

Anuradha has been running a Kabir Study Group for many years and has conducted this session a few times.

How to Read a Book?

A 90-120 minute session on how to read a book more consciously. It also includes an Indic system to classify books.

This session has been conducted for all kinds of audiences in the last 10 years.

Travel Blogging / Blogging

4-16 hour workshop on Blogging or Travel Blogging 101. This includes how to start a blog, why one should have a blog, an overview of technical requirements and best practices.

Anuradha is one of the oldest bloggers with her well-known travel blog IndiTales and Books Blogs.  She has conducted ample workshops on this subject for educational institutions or open workshops for the public.

Understanding Temples

Due to our extensive work on Temples, this workshop is custom designed for the audience. Anuradha has done 1-2 hour talks on temples and 5-6 session workshops covering the different aspects of the temples. It can also be done for temples of certain kshetras as well.

Contact for Workshops by Anuradha Goyal – inditales @ gmail