Who Let Nonu Out? by Anita Nair – Book Review


In the middle of all the stress in life, Who Let Nonu Out? A kid’s book is an absolute stress buster. You are immersed in an innocent and imaginary world where everything is possible. There are things that faintly resemble the known world but most things are simply out of the imagination. And that is what probably de-stresses you the most.

Who Let Nonu Out – A Kid’s Book

In Who Let Nonu Out?  Anita Nair takes you to the world of a young squirrel called Nonu. Nonu is like an adorable kid who listens to his parents but gets into trouble every time he steps out of the house alone. Sometimes he tries to steal mangoes with Mango gang; sometimes he lands in a Bandicoot’s hole but most of the times he manages to escape. All through the book, you are smiling as Nonu gets into situations and gets out of them.

The story of this book is like a mild lesson in conduct for young children without really being preachy. It is entertaining to see how the author builds up the world of squirrels and their relationship with other animals. How she begins by talking about the environmental change that impacts them. How the young one adapts to his new environment and how he goes through his growing up with its own ups and downs.


A simple story that keeps you engaged in its 70 odd pages that are full of illustrations. Illustrations that bring the story alive. Although targeted at young kids (the back cover says 6+) but the story and illustrations are equally engaging for an adult reader.

I think this book would make a perfect gift for the young readers, especially if you want to inculcate a habit of reading in them. The right balance of text and illustrations will help them visualize the story and enjoy it. It would also help them stretch their imagination beyond the world of humans. Especially those urban kids who hardly get to interact with other creatures and elements of nature. This story would enable them to think of worldview of a small squirrel and hence of other children in the animal kingdom.

Read it and share it with kids around you.

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Who Let Nonu Out? by Anita Nair
Who Let Nonu Out? by Anita Nair
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