Types of Creativity

Jeff DeGraff in his MIX Blog So, You Want to Be a Creative Genius? writes a beautiful compilation of Types of Creativity with a field guide to follow. It educates you on various sources of creativity and makes you think where do your potential gaps lie.

In my experience the biggest limitations comes from restricting oneself to limited number and types of interactions, both with people and environment. We tend to have same set of people around us all the time, we eat the same food, go to the same places. Traveling to destinations that are different from the ones we know opens up our mind to new horizons. Meeting people from different professions gives us different approaches to problem solving. Reading different genres of books tell us how different situations were handled by people in different environments. All this takes us at the intersection of our experiences and other’s experiences and that is where most of the new ideas and innovation happen. This is not something difficult to do, all we need to do is create more and more intersections in your life whenever and wherever possible. It can be as simple as having one lunch in a week with a new person. If you notice a lot of business leaders do this all the time, they use their informal time to meet new people and listen to them. You can try to see a new place every quarter or at least every year if not more.

Read through the other types of inspirations also in Jeff’s post, but what I mentioned above is the least you can do.

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