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I will share the list of Top books of 2014 in this post but first, would like to say that 2014 would remain a special year for many reasons. I completed 10 years of blogging – in the world of blogging that would make me a veteran. More importantly, this is the year which saw many long-standing dreams come true. I moved to Goa in January 2014 – though the reason to move ceased to exist within a month or so. I love my new home – next to the sea, a cultural hot spot and a university that keeps offering courses on subjects I love.

Digital Pioneers of India/Top books of 2014
The Mouse Charmers – Digital Pioneers of India /Top books of 2014

My book The Mouse Charmers – Digital Pioneers of India, published by Random House India, hit the stands in April 2014. The book is officially a National Bestseller. It has sold more than 10,000 copies – of course, the author in me wants more. I am happy the entrepreneur community and the business students have very well received that book. Book also brought along an opportunity to speak at India Non-Fiction Festival and Goa Arts & Literary Festival.

Furthermore, this portal entered Limca Books of Records for being the largest book reviews blog in India authored by a single author. As the year ends, AnuReviews has more than 400 books reviewed. Also, the site now wears a new and more interactive look, do share your feedback on the new look and feel as a user. Earlier this year I also wrote a column for Hyderabad- based, C6 Magazine on books.

I acquired a Kindle Paperwhite and contrary to what I thought, I love reading on it – especially on the go, in the bright sunlight and in the pitch dark at night after all lights are switched off. Since lots of old classic books are available at many places, I hope to read them now. My big surprise was most Indian publisher’s reluctance to send review copies through my Kindle account. But I guess it is a matter of time that they would come around.

Top Books of 2014

Finally, here is my list of Top Books of 2014.

Fiction (Top books of 2014)

Non-Fiction (Top books of 2014)

A few books on my new home which acquainted me with Goa.

Wishing you all a wonderful 2015, filled with lots of books.

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  1. Can you share your experience with Kindle Paperwhite in a dedicated post ? I’m also willing to buy myself the one but would like to go through an opinion from someone who is actually using it.

  2. Thanks for the list – of course these are your chosen best books which you read in 2014, not all of them are new launches in 2014, I can see. But a review makes it worth it, because it then places before you, a list of books one can read in time, if one has not read them earlier on. Thank you Anu!

    • Julia, Books to me are eternal and that is why we still love to read some old masterpieces. Anu Reviews aims to promote readership and can not be done without reading some old books.

      Share your recommendations of books…


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