Tom Peters’ 100 ways to succeed and make money

Traveling from Bangalore to Lucknow, I had enough time in transit at Delhi and in the flights to read the first 25 tips of highly acclaimed ‘Guru’ of management Tom Peters. These were the first in the series of 100 to be published on his blog .

Now what the ‘Guru’ suggests

Be Tidy

Talk We instead of I

Say thank you all the time

Call the people who matter, use lunch hour to meet people

Be enthusiastic

Use hot words like ‘Wow’, ‘Great’, ‘Excellent’ all the time

Give the bad news ASAP

Be prepared

Management by wandering – go around and talk to people

Make conscious effort to create first impression

Treat every day as most important day of your life

Read self help / motivational books

Have a dream

Take feedback from customers

Communicate effectively

Have a mission statement

And a few more messages that were written like scribbles, I could not decipher or understand them.

Now a few questions that came to my mind while reading these:

How are all these lessons different from all the self help books that we see around us?

If I prepare myself for every breath I take, every word I utter, every step I take, my whole life goes in preparing myself for what I think others should perceive me as, when do I live as myself?

Do we need rules for everything? Why can’t we just let the things flow by us and enjoy them as they flow, no matter which direction the flow is in?

Anuradha Goyal