Three years with Apple MacBook

I have using an apple Laptop for three years now, it is a great machine but not without flaws as most of the owners tend to believe. Even after extensive use there are few things that can still make you wonder, here are some I want apple to take care of

1.     Your external hard drives will not work – you can not use the same drives for windows machine and apple
2.     You can delete but not release the space on disk – This baffles me.
3.     About 10% of websites do not work on this platform – specially if they are not developed in and for USA
4.     Even phone support has to be paid for
5.     Mini hard disks do not work – you can not pull them out of you have pushed them in somehow
6.     Need extra hardware to attach normal projectors
7.     No delete button
8.     You can not operate it with one hand
9.     It does crash
10.  Random information about battery status – one minute it shows 1 hour still to charge completely and next minute it is charged or vice versa.


Anuradha Goyal