Three Sub Cultures of an Organization

Strategy & Business Article The Cult of Three Cultures very eloquently talks about three sub cultures that exist in any organization, each of which has its own mindset and hence its own strengths and constraints.

Operational culture focusses on people and how people form the core of the organozation. Executive culture or the finance based culture that focusses on capital, deals, leveraging and cash flow. They are more oriented towards the return ti shareholder most of whom are actually outside the organization. Third is the engineering culture that is so focussed on technology that it can miss the commercial and practical aspects of the organization.

Some cultures are dominant in certain times, but eventually it is a balance that is needed for an organization to be successful. There was a time when operations mindset ruled the roost and now it is the time when finance mindset does. How long will it last only time will tell.


Anuradha Goyal

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