The Tantric Curse by Anupama Garg


The Tantric Curse by Anupama Garg tries to give you a peep into the world of Tantra and Tantric’s through a love story. Author biography says she is a Baba Batuk Nath. Who I assume is a Tantra practitioner. And that is what gave author all the insider information on how the Tantric’s work.

It’s a story of a girl who by a stroke of luck lands up in an Ashram near Varanasi. And is raised by the owner/head of that Ashram as his own daughter and as an inheritor of his legacy. There is a love story between her and the son of her Guru. A story of a girl who grows up not in a home but in an ashram, of a child dealing with the expectations of the society or her friends and their families.


It seems the purpose of the story is to tell that Tantrics are normal people. And lead normal lives. What makes them different or in a subtle way powerful is the fact that they are Sadhak’s. And they do their regular sadhanas to increase their powers. Anupama Garg gives glimpses of this world by talking about the animosity between different Tantric’s. Who like the rest of the world are competing with each other all the time for No 1 position, who can harm each other from a distance. She talks about their lineage. And how they go to any extent to keep their lineage alive.

At another level, the author is trying to justify a very normal life of a Sadhak, that too a female Sadhak – the one who goes out and enjoys with her friends. One who enjoys her drinks (not the tantric drinks but the usual ones). One who enjoys designer clothes. And the one who despite being in a committed relationship can live in with another person, or have a fling or a one night stand. The one who is reclusive and indulgent at the same time. And of course, she is beautiful and agile. I have a feeling that a layer of this story is autobiographical and it is to answer many questions that the author may have faced and she is in a way trying to answer it through her protagonist.

Also when a protagonist is more than just perfect, the author is filling the character with his or her alter ego.

Love Story

There is a layer of an intense love story. The kind that we probably saw in old Hindi films only. A highly romanticized version of it where the couple never fights with a tragic middle and a fairy tale ending.

What the author has skillfully skipped is any insights into how Tantric’s do their sadhana. Any insight into any of the techniques they use and their internals laws or rules that they follow. She has kept the definition of a tantric very vague. And never really etches out a strong outline of a tantric in any of the characters that practice tantra. She never brings out the difference between a tantric and a non-tantric.


Language is simple and conversational, flows well, and compliments the flow of the story. The book The Tantric Curse is well-edited, something that we rarely see these days. The cover design is interesting. And something that would catch your eye – the eyes on the cover almost lock with your eyes. The cover brings out the Tantric flavor of the book very well and the colors have been well chosen.

If you like romantic stories, you would enjoy reading this book by Anupama Garg. Else, take your call.

You may buy this book – The Tantric Curse by Anupama Garg by Anupama Garg at Amazon.

The Tantric Curse by Anupama Garg

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  1. The book is a gripping story about a young girls journey toward Tantra and spirituality. It’s about how, against all odds, she emerges as a powerful force in the traditionally male dominated field of Tantra. It’s not a typical boy meets girl, fall in love, and live happily ever after story. Rather it challenges and rips apart the very fabric of society by depicting strong personalities who live life on there own terms and not by social validation. The writer demolishes myths about Tantra by imparting facts in a subtle and informative manner.
    All -in -all a very refreshing contemporary love story with great insights into the world of Tantra.

    • Sure Manu, that is another perspective to look at the story.

      I always say that every reader reads the book and absorbs the book in his own way. I did not feel the intensity you felt, and I did miss those subtle facts about Tantra.

  2. I hundred percent agree with you Anu Goyal. I was really excited when I saw the book and its title. But as I started reading it, I began to lose my interest in it. I feel that title too does not go very well with the story ( this is just my opinion). I feel the book is an ordinary love story using the name of Tantra. Even the “love” part is not able to express the subtle beauty of love. I find it more sex oriented. The tenderness of love is not there. I feel all Krish wanted was Sex and not love (in my opinion)
    The author has completely focused on Rhea, and tried her best to make Rhea look the best in all possible ways. Somewhere the book reveals the hidden desires of Rhea’s own heart and mind for designer’s clothes, and beauty and to be known as the most intelligent and wise woman. She wants to be the best in all her attributes, which is something that you may want but does not mean you get it. Tantra part absolutely disappoints. The description of a female child and the middle aged man was disgusting.
    A very ordinary book.


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