The Penguin Guide to Vaastu by Sashikala Ananth


The Penguin Guide to Vaastu by Sashikala Ananth
It is a small book that tries to de-mystify Vaastu for you. In the recent past, with the boom in housing in the country a lot of attention has also gone to Vaastu. People want to employ the principles in their homes and workplaces. To get the maximum benefits of energy that various elements and directions can bring.

The author is an expert in this field. Along with being an eminent architect. She has studied the various structures from the past as well as from the present. To add to the theoretical knowledge of this ancient science. She takes you through the cross-sections of various temples and other ancient structures. And explains how the energy flow in those structures helped the dwellers of those buildings. She talks about her experiences of dealing with various clients. And their usual expectation and the kind of solutions that they are generally looking for. She carefully explains what should be the intention while choosing the right Vaastu. And not look at it as something that will give you some instant material benefits.

She takes the reader through the very basics of Vaastu. Introducing the Vaastu Purush and how it lies within a house. She talks about what sections of the house are good for what. And how the nakshatras of the house owner have to be matched while working out the perfect solutions for the family.

Now what this book does not give you is ready to use tips of Vaastu, where you can move around the furniture in your house and be benefited. It introduces you to the science behind the concepts. And how they can help balance the energy in the space that you live. It explains that your personal energy has to be aligned with the energy of the space so that energy is maximized.

Read it if the science of Vaastu interests you.

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