The Mummy With No Name by Geronimo Stilton


I believe these Mummy With No Name are hugely popular series of children’s books whose authorship is credited to the key character Geronimo Stilton. The stories are from the Mouse world, yes the quintessential rodent. There is his whole family with a sister, cousin and a nephew. And then there are friends and a whole cast of other characters. Geronimo runs a newspaper called The Rodent’s Gazette. And lives in New Mouse City on Mouse Island.

The small book is a graphic book with illustrations. And even words are written to reflect the mood or emotion of the event or person. There are small educational pieces in between the story. That educates the young readers without taking their interest away from the story. As Geronimo tells the story what you enjoy the most is his own thoughts as he goes through the situations. His hilarious take on other rats around him and his anxiousness while getting into situations that he does not want to get into.

The Mummy With No Name by Geronimo Stilton

You do not have to make much effort to visualize the story as most of the things are in pictures along with the text. The activities at the end actually make you participate in the party with the Rodent world. And at the same time, you get to learn a few new things.

I have to admit that I had no clue of this amazing series till I actually had the book in my hand. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book though it finished in no time. An excellent gift for young ones around you…

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