Spiritual Guru: A new profession

Spiritual gurus have already existed in through the ages. They held their own place in society in any period of history. They had been agents of change and they had been the guiding force behind the kingdoms and empires. People used to go to them when they could not take their own decisions, when they needed direction and when they were trying to find answers to their questions.

In last few years, a new breed of spiritual gurus have evolved, most of whom have evolved their own cults and huge fan following. The way these so called ‘Gurus’ manage their organization is like running any ‘for profit’ organization, and most of the times the profits their organizations manage are far better than the so called ‘professionally run’ organizations, probably with far better operating margins.

Today, who is a spiritual Guru –

Excellent leaders, they are usually first generation leaders, most of the times have no legacy to bank upon, but over a short period of time manage a big fan following and ardent followers who will anything for them, who will travel miles to have a glimpse of them

Great Orators, the basic core skill and ability to communicate intimately and effectively with anyone they come in contact with, mesmerize them. They also have an immense capability to deal with all kinds of criticism and still live on.

A brand, a big brand that signifies someone who has more wisdom than most of the people around, can tell people what to do and what not to do. In fact if you really look at these people they themselves has not really done anything in life, so they got into the job of advising people what to do. Their model is like Coca-Cola, they manage the brand and have the basic controls in place, and the rest is left to the franchise operations.

Advantages of being in this profession are luxury to live a tax free life, while enjoying best of everything that one can dream of, get anything done with mere movement of eyes, and have so many people ready to do anything for you anytime.

Investments required to be in such a position are generally be well read, you should be able to quote from religious scriptures of major religions and compare them if needed. Manage yourself as a brand (you can not afford to loose this if you have to be successful). Network and build relationships with celebrities, the who’s who of the society and make them follow you. They are going to be your best ambassadors.

Getting into this profession needs as much planning and execution ability as any other profession, you need to differentiate yourself from others in the same profession. You probably do need to work as hard to build your brand, manage it and the returns are just as high. You need as much energy to be high flying, as most of the new age Gurus are as global as any other professional. Is it not like any other profession, just that there are no formal institutes offering you degrees to get into this one (actually some of them do offer formal courses in spiritualism).

Anuradha Goyal