Selecting the Ideas

Freek Vermeulen in her S&B article How to Let 999 Flowers Die talks about variation in business Innovation and the process to select ideas. I always said that inviting ideas is a simple thing, it is more important to manage the ideas that you receive. Having unlimited ideas does not really help as many organizations like to believe. It always helps to put boundaries to where you need ideas so that you get ideas that fit into your strategic direction or in the space where you need them. Just like Sheena Iyenger says in her book Art of Choosing, we need choices, but limited choices.

Freek makes another important point about selection of ideas – that should not be done only by the top management, but should involve everyone. They bring in the angle of wisdom of crowds, and I would add to that organizations should give importance to those who are on the ground and understand the need of the new ideas. They also understand the challenges that current situations give and how the new ideas can help.

Read the article for examples that they share to substantiate their points.

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