Secondary Impact of Innovation

Paul Sloane in his very interesting article ‘What will be the impact of Driverless Cars?‘ talks about the secondary impact of Innovations. He predicts the potential secondary impacts of an upcoming Innovation – Driverless Cars on various other businesses like Insurance, Bars, hotels etc.

I thought this is very interesting given that we all indulge in Innovations for a primary purpose in mind and hence the primary impacts that we intend to create with it. Secondary impacts are non-intentional most of the times and less predictable as you never know how the users will start adding their innovative thoughts to your innovation and bring out an entirely new dimension of the innovation. For example, who would have thought that mobile phones will become the primary content delivery platforms and will disrupt the established platforms.

Sometimes the secondary impacts can have bigger impacts than the primary impact, internet being a case in point.

Can you think of more examples of secondary impacts of Innovations?

Anuradha Goyal

Anuradha is an Author, Traveler, Bibliophile, Art History Student, Innovation Consultant and an Avid Blogger.

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