Reasons for failure of business model Innovation

Saul Kaplan mentions in his HBR articles the 5 reasons that companies fail at business model Innovation 

In my mind all this comes from the resistance to change at the top leadership level, particularly at the CEO level. It also comes from the short sighted view of quarterly results for the publicly listed companies. The pressure to deliver every quarter, which is not too long a period coupled with a comfort at the status quo prevent them from looking at the disruptive innovations like business model innovation.

This leads to a question should the ability to change or at least be open to change be a key criterion for choosing a CEO of the company. Should they be judged on how many different models have they explored in their term as CEOs?

At the same time we have companies like Coca-Cola which have flourished for more than a century on the same business model. They primarily do incremental innovation by way of introducing new products or penetrating new markets, but the business model has remained same. They work with partners across the world and excel in marketing. This leads to a question is the business model innovation a choice based on type and stage of business is it a must?

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