Real Magic: Creating Miracles in Everyday Life by Dr Wayne Dyer


This is the third book that I read by Dr. Wayne Dyer. And somehow felt that he was repeating himself at a lot of places. He definitely has a gift of communication. And can talk in a language that appeals to every kind of person and from any background. In this book Real Magic, he is essentially saying that if you can control your thoughts you can do everything in your life.

From your physical body to your relationships and the problems around the world by creating movements. Or in other words, he is saying you are what your thoughts are. He has repeatedly used the word Magic or miracle, to be in sync with the title of the book. But what he is essentially saying is that your thoughts can help you create something that in your present thoughts seems like a miracle. He quotes Deepak Chopra and Yogananda at quite a few places. And also promotes himself at lots of places by quoting letters and incidents where people said he had helped them create miracles in their lives. Typical miracles being getting rid of your addictions like alcohol and drugs.

The chapter on creating or inviting prosperity into your lives is interesting. And I kind of agree with it as I have seen a lot of living examples of this. You would see some people coming from not so prosperous background, but then always believing that they will make it big and they more often than not end up doing that. While on the other hand there are people who are born into prosperity but will always be worried about protecting and thought of being in scarcity threatens them. And at end of attracting scarcity in their lives instead of building upon the riches, they were born into.

A good read, if you like some insights into Psychology and how the brain works.

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Real Magic: Creating Miracles in Everyday Life by Dr Wayne Dyer

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