Open letter to ICICI’s Ms Chanda Kochhar

Dear Chanda,

I just received an email from ICICI telling me about its Go Green initiative. Your email also had a link that helped me calculate my carbon footprint. It was indeed good to know it and makes me think about ways to reduce the same.

I have been a customer of yours for almost 15 years now by way of retail banking, credit card and a home loan, so I have had a pretty long and strong journey with you.

I opted for e-statements which I do get regularly. When I get my credit card statement, which is never more than a page, I receive 2-10 pages along with it, which is nothing but advertisement and promotional stuff. Now, do you see a contradiction…while you do not send the mandatory statements on paper for “Go Green” reasons, you send loads of paper printed with advertisements and promotions. Can you not send them e-mail as well? I understand you get paid for those Ads, but in my opinion instead of spending on CSR intiatives it would be a good idea to check the bank’s carbon footprint because of these tons of paper that you send with each cycle of credit card billing.

See the cost benefir analysis between spending on the CSR or not taking the promotions and you may end up being gentler to the earth.

Wish you all the best in your Go Green initiatives.


JAI (Just Another Indian)

Anuradha Goyal

Anuradha is an Author, Traveler, Bibliophile, Art History Student, Innovation Consultant and an Avid Blogger.

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