Notes to Myself by Hugh Prather


A lot of people recommended that I read Notes to Myself, My Struggle to Become a Person. For a long time, this book was on my ‘to be read’ list. So I picked up this book on a weekend. With the growing number of books on this shelf, I have come to believe one thing. I will read a book when it’s the right time for me to read it. There are a few books that had been there with me for a long time. But I  read them only either when I am mentally ready to read them or when it is the right point in time in my life to read them.

Notes to Myself, My Struggle to Become a Person by Hugh Prather

Notes to Myself, My Struggle to become a Person by Hugh Prather

When I began reading the book, it did not sound too interesting. The book seems like the ramblings of a man trying to get in touch with himself. But somewhere in the middle of the book, he actually starts getting in touch with himself and then what he says looks like what you would say to yourself. As the name suggests, this is, talking to yourself or making notes for your own self.


Few things really touch you and it is as if someone is putting words to your thoughts. I particularly liked the thought on Friendships or for that matter any relationship. It says ‘When you meet new people and make friends with them, you only see virtues in each other, and after a while, you reach a stage when you see only vices and no virtues. You will often find a reason to blame yourself as to how could you overlook these vices before.

But if you can cross that stage, then your friendship will probably stay on for a long time. Isn’t it so true for most of our relationships and friendships particularly?

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  1. It is amazing that you can actually wait for the right time before reading a book that is lying on your shelf. I only take a book home when I am ready to read it. It seems you are investing on inventory.

    Your comments on frienship are right. Its tough maintaining friendships for people who tend to analyze everything.

  2. completely agree…that’s how relationships last…and that’s what we learn in time to do to make them last!….

  3. Pranav, you are right again, I am investing into my future library, may be once I retire I would sit back and read all those books.



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