Next Cradle of Innovation

Christopher M. Schroeder in his HBR article The Middle East Could Be a Cradle of Innovation quotes the changing scenario in MENA i.e. Middle East and North America region, a case of leap frogging in adapting technology due to lack of baggage of old technology. He specifically quotes the huge penetration of mobile phones and how they are contributing to the economy. How the GDP now passes through mobile phones, how stories are being shared and how probably the content is being consumed.

He further predicts that this region might become the cradle of innovation for the coming times, and just like no one could see the economic rise of countries like Japan and Finland, we are unable to see the rise of Middle East.

I would like to add that innovations and economic dominance moves in circles and between various regions and the time of middle east may be returning. Yes, we should expect some good innovations from them, some of which may be already in use there but unexplored by the rest of the world and some of them may be invented for the rest of the world.

Till then, do you know of any innovations from middle east in last 100 years…

Anuradha Goyal

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