Net Promoter Score…

Roger Martin in his HBr article The Innovation Catalysts mentions an interesting concept of Net Promoter score (NPS) that is being used by Intuit, a software development company.

NPS gets calculated on the answers to one simple question by Intuit’s customer. The question is “Would you recommend this product to your friends or colleagues?” And they can answer on a scale of 10 with 0 being most unlikely and 10 being extremely likely. Scores 0-6 are counted as Detractors, 7-8 as Passives and 9-10 as Promoters. Now subtract the percentage of detractors from percentage of promoters and you have the NPS. Simple, Isn’t it.

Now to improve the NPS company needs to work on reducing the no of detractors and increasing that of promoters.  And is that not all that an organization needs to focus on?

Anuradha Goyal