Miles to run before I sleep by Sumedha Mahajan


‘ Miles to run before I sleep ’ is an inspiring story of Sumedha Mahajan.

Sumedha Mahajan is a married woman. She is an endurance runner, author, and an entrepreneur. She was born on 11th August 1983 in the beautiful city of Amritsar to Shri Dr. Vishav and Srimati Dr. Kamlesh. Being an asthmatic patient since childhood, accepting this challenge and accomplishing it gained her an entry in the Limca book of world records.

‘Miles to run before I sleep’ is an autobiographical book wherein the author narrates about the life-changing inspirational events in her life.

Sumedha was born with asthma due which she repeatedly suffered from asthma attacks and was often hospitalized. To help her overcome her asthmatic conditions her father engaged her in lawn tennis with her siblings through which she could keep herself fit and prevent asthma attacks. But due to work and married life Sumedha could not continue with her lawn tennis. Later she took up running which further developed into a way of life. In April 2012 her passion for running inspired her to take a life-changing challenge of running 1500 km from Delhi to Mumbai in thirty days.

This run was purely a physical and mental challenge for Sumedha. It was a kind of total torture for her. But Sumedha never gave up. She fought back every obstacle with a brave heart. She not only succeeds in finishing the run within the given time but also wins over all her shortcomings. This was a life-changing journey for her.

Being the only woman runner she set new standards for women and is a great example for our society who thinks that a woman looks good only within the four walls of the house. She broke the heavy chains of prejudice of the society that keep women from every right they are entitled to.

In this book, Miles to run before I sleep, the author has focused on the problems every woman goes through, be it physical or mental. She has also pointed towards the societal prejudices regarding women. Apart from this, the author has also pinpointed some of our environmental problems, like air pollution etc. which needs to be attended to as soon as possible.

Also, the author tells us that every individual in this world is going through their own problems and that we are no one to judge other people. The least we can do is speak some goodness.

Most of all it tells us that if a woman has a supportive husband and a supportive family who truly believe in her and her dreams and trusts her then no matter what comes her way she is always determined to follow her dreams.

After reading this book I felt like every individual should do what they love to do. They should believe in their dreams and believe in their self too. And if we believe in our dreams then no obstacle can stop us from achieving our goals.

My favorite part of this book is when Sumedha’s father allows her to run the marathon and wishes her all the luck. There no such part that I didn’t like.

If you like to read inspiring autobiographies then you should read this book. It is an easy read. The language is quite smooth and easy going. In some parts of the book, the author has also used diary format to give day to day description of activities and incidents.

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‘Miles to run before I sleep’ is a must-read book. At the end, it leaves you thinking ‘if she can why not me’….

Miles to Run Before I Sleep by Sumedha Mahajan
Miles to Run Before I Sleep by Sumedha Mahajan
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