Meet Trusha Ganesh – A Child Prodigy


Trusha Ganesh – She is just 12, she is already a published author, she writes 3 blogs and she has a basketful of dreams. I met her at her parent’s homestay in South Goa when she showed us the place around and then took us for a walk around the village. I am sure you would enjoy getting to know this child prodigy.

Trusha Ganesh Interview

So, Trusha, let’s get the basics straight first; where were you born, where did you grow up, which school do you go to and what subjects do you want to study later on?

Trusha Ganesh: I was born in Chennai, grew up in Bangalore, and currently live in Goa [quite the country-trotter, eh??]. I’ve just entered the first semester of my eighth grade and study at Vidya Vikas Academy. I’ve not really thought about the subjects I want to pursue later on, though my career-wannabe list is HUUUGE, ranging from professional pop star to Olympic athlete [a girl can dream].

When did you start writing and what has inspired you to continue?

Me: I’ve been writing roughly since the third standard. My parents set up a domain for me on WordPress when I turned nine, and it’s been blogging all the way since then. I think my main inspiration to continue scribbling will have to be greed. I’ve lusted the tranquillity, the joy, the euphoria that washes over me when I write ever since my HB extra-dark pencil first came in contact with a notebook page back in the third grade.

What do you like reading? Any favorite books?

To be very honest, I read everything my hands get a hold of, be it autobiographies, Sci-Fi novels, classics, young adult… you name it. To give you an example, here’s a list of the stuff I’m reading right now;

  1. Adrian Mole: The Cappuccino Years [by Sue Townsend]
  2. Size Twelve is NOT fat [by Meg Cabot]
  3. Insatiable [also by Meg Cabot]
  4. Chasing Harry Winston [by Lauren Weisberger]
  5. Pageant Perfect Crime [by Carolyn Keen]
  6. The Fault in Our Stars [by John Green]
  7. The Secret Garden [by Frances Hodgson Burnett]

[That’s another thing about me, I don’t read ONE book at a time, like a normal, sane person. I read SEVEN]. I have a LOT of favorite books. WAAAY too many to note here. But a few of them are; Faster Than Lightning [Usain Bolt’s autobiography], The Hunger Games Trilogy [by Suzanne Collins], and The Adrian Mole Series [by the aforementioned Sue Townsend].

So, What are your blogs about Trusha Ganesh?

My first blog is Chiqutam [] and I started it when I was nine. [Just FYI, Chiqutam is what my Dad used to call me when I was younger] It is basically a collection of short stories, poems, and essays that I write. Whenever I compose something, be it during French class [don’t tell Mom!!] or on a rainy evening, it goes onto this site.

My second blog is titled Diary Of a Pre Teen Rebel []. It’s the virtual journal of American tween, Taylor Skarr, who fights the fiercest battle anyone will ever come across; middle school.

My third blog is WoofDiaries []. It is actually a blog that is written through my dog, Feni’s, perspective. I started it just about a year ago and it is getting along nicely.

How has interaction with your global followers changed your perspectives?

Conversing with people who follow my blog is a brilliant experience. I’ve made quite a few friends this way, actually. I love listening to what my readers think; it helps me improve the quality of my posts.

Do comments inspire you to write? So negative comments [if any] dishearten you?

Positive remarks boost my self-esteem, make me happier, and are generally fun to read.

But do they inspire me to write?

No. But only because of the fact that I don’t write to please others, I write for personal satisfaction. I like writing. A LOT. So someone stating that they enjoyed glancing through my poems does little more than making me feel slightly more confident. So far, I haven’t had a single negative comment come my way, so fingers crossed!

How does it feel like to be published and to have met the great Ruskin Bond?

Seeing my name in print is just… Wow. Every time I glance at the bold, dark “by Trusha Ganesh” that’s inscribed below my story’s heading, I feel this jolt of determination course through me, as if to say I can do anything. Being “published” is beyond awesome. I’m just really happy to have had the opportunity. The book launch in Delhi was amazing. The chance to meet Chetan Bhagat and Ruskin Bond were truly mind-blowing and something I will cherish possibly forever.

What inspires you to write Trusha Ganesh?

As I mentioned before, it’s not so much inspiration as desire. I HAVE to write on a daily basis, or I go absolutely BONKERS. Except for that, seeing my parents proud of my work is always an added bonus.

What would you like your first book to be about? Are you already working on it?

Here’s something funny; I wrote my first novel when I was ten. It was about this musician/detective, Zoe McKenna, who, in the duration of the book, solved the mystery of the vanishing necklace [I was a hardcore Nancy Drew fanatic back then]. Since then, I have written about four manuscripts. The one I am presently in the process of editing is actually a collection of blog posts from the previously talked about Diary of a Pre Teen Rebel [].

Would you like to interact with authors like yourself? Have you ever attended a literary festival?

Yes, of course, I would like to talk and to interact with “authors like myself.” [I’ve still not fully adjusted to the “author” title] I’ve still got a lot to learn and mingling with writers couldn’t do much harm. No, I haven’t attended any literary festivals. [Yet]

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  1. Hi Trusha,

    Nice to meet you. You remind me of how I wanted adults to treat me as a grown up when I was 12. And you have reinforced my belief that pre-teens are quite more evolved than their parents/uncles/aunts can imagine.

    I will hop over to your blog now.

    Thanks Anuradha for posting this!

    • Howdy Ruchi,

      Nice to meet you, too!! I’m just so PSYCHED that someone other than my parents have taken the time to go through this 🙂
      I mean, who wants to read about a [not so] know-it-all tween??

      Thanks for the uplifting comment,

  2. Hi Trusha,

    We have not met. But me and your mom studied together. I have read your blogs. They are fantastic. Keep up the good work. I work with UNITED NATIONS, especially for children. I feel children like you are the ones who will bring the change we are aspiring for. Don’t think no one reads your blogs. Many people read, they might not be responding. Keep writing. This is wonderful to do what you are doing. Not many 12 year old’s do this even if they have the opportunity. So ALL THE BEST for a wonderful future. GOD BLESS.


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