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Influence of Bollywood

The disproportionate influence of Bollywood

Ganesh utsav and Navratri brought in the festive season and, along with them, the DJ parties featuring popular Bollywood dance numbers. It set me...
Mobile Phone The Parrot in my pocket

Mobile Phone – A Parrot in my Pocket

My mobile suddenly stopped working as I tried clicking a fountain on my evening walk at a lake. No tactics could bring it back...

Pre-Pay For All Your Troubles

My water purifier, endorsed by no less than a Bharat Ratna, went kaput. None responded to our service request on the App, the only...
Taxing Life of Solopreneurs

The Taxing Life Of Solopreneurs

It is that time of the year when we solopreneurs ensure that the tax deducted at source matches the one in the 26 AS...
Aviation Industry Overhaul

Overhaul That Aviation Industry Needs

Social media is full of airline woes – unreasonable fares, no refunds, overpriced food, canceled flights, and an attempt to sell every possible seat...

Addressing The Mess Of Big Data

Moving from Goa to Bangalore meant interacting with various agencies to update my address. In my head, I just had to update my Aadhaar...
Night Economy of India

Night Economy In India Needs An Indic Way

Around midnight, struck in traffic on my way home from the airport, I read about our policy planners trying to create a vibrant night...
Walking Space

Where is my walking space in the city?

'Walking around’ is my most beautiful memory from my few days in cities like Vancouver, Victoria or London. You can walk a few blocks...
Pilgrimage Versus Tourism

Pilgrimage Versus Tourism We Must Understand

We often hear of the Jain community in business papers, at economic events and in the start-up world –- the world of wealth and...
Gift Economy of India

Gift Economy – Not That Mug or T-Shirt Please!

We have just strolled past the peak season of gifting. On the one hand,  advertisements served us a bouquet of options to pick gifts...

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