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Night Economy of India

Night Economy In India Needs An Indic Way

Around midnight, struck in traffic on my way home from the airport, I read about our policy planners trying to create a vibrant night...
Walking Space

Where is my walking space in the city?

'Walking around’ is my most beautiful memory from my few days in cities like Vancouver, Victoria or London. You can walk a few blocks...
Pilgrimage Versus Tourism

Pilgrimage Versus Tourism We Must Understand

We often hear of the Jain community in business papers, at economic events and in the start-up world –- the world of wealth and...
Gift Economy of India

Gift Economy – Not That Mug or T-Shirt Please!

We have just strolled past the peak season of gifting. On the one hand,  advertisements served us a bouquet of options to pick gifts...
Diabetics of India

Diabetics Of India Need Serious Innovation

Don't travel too much, said my doctor. The reason was unhealthy food and a disturbed eating schedule. Well, I can't disagree with her. It...
Pain of Dynamic Pricing

Persistent Pain of Dynamic Pricing

Everyday groceries are what I carried for my friends in London every time I visited them from my small town outside the city limits...
Umemployment Moonlighting Quiet Quitting

Unemployment, Moonlighting, Quiet Quitting

Unemployment always makes headlines in India. As a student, it mattered a lot as employability defined the life ahead for most of us. I...
Saga of Over Communication

The Saga of Over Communication

Two books ordered from a local e-commerce portal started their journey from two different cities to my humble abode in Bengaluru. From the moment...
Where have all Indian Cotton Garments gone in New Indian Express

Where have all the Cotton Garments gone?

At a shopping mall in Bengaluru, I was searching for cotton garments that I could wear every day. However, I returned home with barely...
Long-from content published in New Indian Express

Long-form content in the age of Reels and Shorts

I have been creating digital content since 2004, from the time when blogging was a new tool and none of us knew what the...

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