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A Case Against Automated Voice Messages

A deluge of automated voice messages is the latest menace we all are facing. A series of numbers starting with 713xx is used solely...
Chaitra - Ayodhya Ram Lalla image

Chaitra – Time For Nava Samvatsara

Chaitra – the first month of the Indian Hindu Calendar derives its name from Chitra Nakshatra, in which the full moon will shine. Any...
Gender Roles

Delicate Balance of Gender Roles

Come March and every woman has her inbox full of invites for attending women’s day events, discounts for purchases to pamper oneself and, sometimes,...
Indian Joint Family

Slow Return Of The Indian Joint Family

Indian Joint family living in palatial houses is now a stuff of fiction. A few generations back, it was the norm. In fact, the...
Spiritual Economy

Innovating For The Spiritual Economy

On the day of pran pratishtha at the Ram mandir in Ayodhya, I was on a roadd trip. I saw every big and small temple celebrating...

Conference Planning Needs A Conference

The G20 summit last year brought a flurry of high-visibility conferences around India. Since the 1990s’ economic liberalisation, conferences have dominated the corporate world....

Uniforms Designed for Identity And Comfort

Sitting outside the ICU in a hospital had me talking to the young security guard on duty there. Her job primarily was to ensure...
Influence of Bollywood

The disproportionate influence of Bollywood

Ganesh utsav and Navratri brought in the festive season and, along with them, the DJ parties featuring popular Bollywood dance numbers. It set me...
Mobile Phone The Parrot in my pocket

Mobile Phone – A Parrot in my Pocket

My mobile suddenly stopped working as I tried clicking a fountain on my evening walk at a lake. No tactics could bring it back...

Pre-Pay For All Your Troubles

My water purifier, endorsed by no less than a Bharat Ratna, went kaput. None responded to our service request on the App, the only...

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