Manifest Your Destiny by Wayne W. Dyer


Manifest Your Destiny is the second book by Dr. Dyer that I have read very recently, as a very good friend had recommended it. This book talks about how we can attract anything that we want in our life.

Manifest Your Destiny, The nine spiritual principles for getting everything you want by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Manifest Your Destiny by Wayne W. Dyer

But like any other game, this game also has some rules and some prerequisites. So the author describes nine principles that one needs to follow and this would ensure the flow of everything that you want in your life. The nine rules go like this:

  1. Becoming aware of your higher self
  2. Trust Yourself
  3. You as Environorganism
  4. Attracting what you desire
  5. Accepting your worthiness to receive
  6. Practicing unconditional love
  7. Meditation
  8. Detachment to results
  9. Gratitude & Generosity


Now we would have heard most of the things somewhere or the other, in some self-help book furthermore, the two things that did strike me in this book were trust and belief in yourself. Consequently, try to see how many times you do not trust yourself, and see how many instances you can find in your life. I could find many, also I identified this as a gap for myself. Another is believing, that you deserve what you want. Lots of times we want something, but at the core of our hearts we feel that we do not really deserve it, and this acts as an obstacle between us and the desired object.

Hindu Philosophy

While I don’t know if this is what most of us feel or if it is what I could see as an obstacle between myself and my desired objects. The rest of the book Manifest Your Destiny finally, talks about feeling one with everyone and everything around us which comes from Hindu philosophy. Most of the things talked about are from the Gita and other Vedic literature. So that is not something that many Indians would find really new in the book.

Not sure how effective these books are. But when you read them, they kind of re-enforce the things that you at times tend to forget and ignore, and put you back on the path. In addition to this, the process gives you some insights into your own behavior.

You may buy the book Manifest Your Destiny, The nine spiritual principles for getting everything you want by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer at Amazon.

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  1. Yes, Wayne Dyer certainly writes well. He makes you rediscover yourself and makes you get tuned to your system. .
    I have been recommended by someone to read `your erroneous zones’ by the same author.

    Nice works!

  2. The core idea of ‘Manifest Your Destiny’, i think, is from tantra – just one of the techniques mentioned in the ancient indian doctrine – Vigyan Bhairav Tantra – the philosophy of Shiva …:)

  3. hi!

    was about to suggest ‘your erroneous zone’ but then saw your reply to anonymous. but then wwd wrote few more books also. ‘sky is the limit’ is i guess one of them.and another from malcolm blink gladwell is Tipping Point. im sure you mustve read it before the blink happened to you.

    one book id strongly suggest you is Maximum City – Mumbai lost and found by Suketu Mehta. he is the guy who eventually was co-writer for Mission Kashmir. but then, he IS a very good writer. it will be hard to tell wheter its travellogue or a fiction or a autobiography or plain extravaganza of his writing ability once you finish the book.

    i finished it start to end in 2 and half days. with 4 and 5 hours of sleep included. 🙂


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