Managing Homeless Ideas

Alessandro Di Fiore in his HBR Article Getting Crazy Ideas off the Ground primarily sites two examples of corporate funds at P&G and Samsung Electronics that fund the ideas that have no clear owners and that are not coming out of any systemic pipeline but appear randomly as and when they happen to someone in the system. Since both the examples mentioned are working and working successfully, there must be something very right they must be doing. It would have been interesting is the author had sites examples of the successful innovations that came out of these innovations, and the kind of non-financial resources that were committed to this.  Was there anything done to ensure that there are ideas that come into this bucket, because in general people just do not get up and get ideas.

Having said that organizations do need to have a trap to capture the ideas that may be too radical or crazy as the article says, or ideas that do not fall in any category or have no probability to come through systemic pipeline.


Anuradha Goyal

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