Making a choice

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos while addressing a class at Princeton said “We are what we choose“.

Incidentally, I was reading Sheena Iyenger’s ‘Art of Choosing‘ and she is someone who is known as an expert on the subject of choice. While talking about various dimensions of choice she mentions that “Invention is nothing but a set or combination of right choices”. When you are inventing there are so many permutations and combinations possible, and the intelligence lies in making the right choices and reducing those combinations to a few. 

In fact she shared another study of hers with me which studies the linkage between creativity, prior knowledge and no of choices. And this study indicated that a vast no of choices make only experts more creative and not the novices. 

Now you know choices not only define your life they also define how innovative and creative you have been in life.

Anuradha Goyal