Money Making Content

Strategy & Business article The Digital Commerce Revolution talks about interesting examples of content that directly generates money. As a blogger, I know that many businesses have started tapping the power if content generators, from placing their text link ads in online content, to matched ads much like Google Ads, to expert reviews, pretty much anything to get the word out about themselves.

They site the beautiful Falling For you Target Videos or films within places merchandise that can be purchased instantly from a sidebar. The mug shot of the items is shown in the sidebar, as the items appear in the film, and with one click you can put the items in your shopping cart. I think it is a brilliant example of tapping into the instant interest generated by the film stars and models for lifestyle products. I also found it to be very innovative yet a simple way to reach out to the target audience, and I am keen to know how well are these performing.

They then present the concept of Curated content, where what you see is based on what you are likely to like and buy and not bombard you with everything under the sun. Now I see a bit if risk here, as algorithms, may not have yet matured enough ti understand the behaviors as well and they certainly can not sense the changes in behavior that can be because of the changed circumstances. Most important data that they are going to rely on is past purchases, like the recommendation engines of sites like Netflix. Having said that I can think of many other areas where curated content can be a powerful content, like high-end fashion, customized furniture, art collections etc.

They then talk about insights generated during a roundtable on this topic that talks about Mobile Engagement, New Technologies, Integrating Deals with social sentiments, Data & Analytics and Strategy.

Anuradha Goyal