Losing IT – Making Weight Loss Simple by Dhruv Gupta, Prachi Gupta


Weight loss books will remain best sellers for a long time. Thanks to the obese people around the world. And since they are mostly affluent, buying another thing that might help lose a few kgs or inches is not really an issue. Books do not even cost a fortune, unlike most other methods. I personally belong to this group as I can easily do away with at least 10 odd kilos. So when I had the option of getting this book Losing IT – Making Weight Loss Simple, in my hands, I was tempted with a hope for some motivation.

What this small book Making Weight Loss Simple does is – Break all possible myths about weight loss. It breaks myths around fad diets, around exercising, around eating something too much. Or eliminating something altogether. Myths around good foods and bad foods. Around a number of meals, around cooking oils, around eating out. And just about anything that you heard from people about losing weight. Authors have tried to explain the rationale – both scientific and practical behind why each of these mythical beliefs fails to give you the result. The one line answer would be ‘Too much of anything is bad, and moderation is the key”.

Do they give a formula or a step-by-step process to lose weight – No. Do they tell you any tips on losing weight – not really? But at the end of each chapter, they tell you what is healthy and what is not? The good part is that they have kept practical aspects of the modern life in mind. And do not tell you anything that you cannot fit into your already busy schedule. The downside is that there is nothing new for you if you have been reading about weight loss. There is a business angle to their not specifying any prescriptions. As the authors run a fitness website. And I think they expect the book to divert some traffic there.

You can buy their monthly packages where they help you with a diet plan to lose weight. There are success stories both on their website and in the last chapter of the book. A lot in the book thus comes from their practical experience of dealing with people who are trying to lose weight, as they talk about all the myths that they have to deal with for their clients.

As I always say, self-help books work at the level of reiterating what you already know, re-enforcing and sometimes pushing you to do things that you know you should do, but are not motivated enough to do.

You may buy this book – Losing IT !: Making Weight Loss Simple by Dhruv Gupta, Prachi Gupta at Amazon.

Losing IT !: Making weight Loss Simple by Dhruv Gupta, Prachi Gupta

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