Journey to Black Hole by Hari Joshi


Hari Joshi author of the book Journey to Black HoleThis is one of the two books written by Hari, who is a very good friend of mine. I have been a part of the writing and publishing of this book Journey to Black Hole. So my review may be a little biased. The book has been written for the kids. To explain to them the basic scientific principles in an interesting manner.

Journey to Black Hole

The author takes the kids on a journey in the outer space. And starts by saying that he has asked ‘Einstein’ to relax the rules for the day. So that they can travel at a speed faster than the speed of light. In a very interesting manner, he explains the concept of temperature, the function of the space suit, the way an airplane flies and rocket pushes itself in the space. The concept of atmosphere and how it protects us. He explains all the planets and how they were discovered. What is their size relative to the size of the earth? He goes out of Milky Way and explains galaxies.

The book is interspersed with interesting cartoons, to keep the topics light. I think it would make an interesting reading for kids who are reading these concepts in school but are not able to relate to them. The concepts are fundamental, but the way they are presented is interesting.

Since Hari published this book himself, it is not available at bookstores. Anyone interested in reading this book, can contact Hari at [email protected] or reach him at 98863 73048.

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    I am grateful to you for introducing me to such a wonderful book. I am Ch.Santakar , a journalist from Koraput in Orissa, India. I will contact Mr.Hari to get the book . I have hosted a blog, , where we intend to allow children to interact . I would like to request one and all to visit tjis and also
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