Jiyo Dil Se – Live your Dream by Harrish M Bhatia


Jiyo Dil Se - Live your Dream by Harrish M Bhatia
Jiyo Dil Se is the story of a young man from Kanpur – often thought as the small town of India until you know its industry – making it big in the city of dreams – Mumbai. It is the life lessons from someone who has managed to live beyond his wildest dreams – both creatively and materially. It is someone who is content with life. And hence is able to see all that is positive in life. Can take inspiration from all those around him – either in real life or through media.

Harrish M Bhatia is the key person behind 94.3 MYFM – in fact, it is the tagline of the radio station that the author has used to title his book – Jiyo Dil Se.

Now what he says in ‘Jiyo Dil Se’ is nothing new. We have read that in innumerable self-help books. We have heard it from our parents and teachers as kids. And we have listened to motivational speakers speak about it. So, if you are looking for something new, this book is not for you. Is Bhatia’s way of telling the motivational bits new – can’t say yes. I did not even like some of the examples he has taken – being from the media, like everyone else he is too influenced by Bollywood and sees all of them a success story – even a Sonam Kapoor. In one chapter, he mentions Amrita Pritam as if she is still alive. She died many years ago. I assumed that the manuscript may have been written a few years ago but the very next chapter proved them otherwise.

Ignoring this as an editing mistake or may continue to live in his mind, the book has decent editing.

Having said that there is a certain endearing quality to his writing. There is a certain naivety that most of us lose as we reach a certain age. And a certain innocent honesty in talking about life inspirations. At the time while reading the book, I envied him for the simplicity of thought and his attitude to see things as they appear on the surface. Scratching the surface and finding the dirt beneath it may be revealing the truth but must we always have all the truth? Can we not live with the gloss that the world offers?

Jiyo Dil Se

The language of ‘Jiyo Dil Se’ is extremely simple. At less than 100 pages, it is an easy read. Though like most books of its kind, you must read it one chapter at a time. A good bedtime read you would go to sleep thinking positive.

Reading these kinds of books re-enforces some of the things we know but sometimes doubt.

It is a kind of book that you would want to leave back for your grandchildren.

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