Jamming by John Kao Book Review


The tagline of the book Jamming says ‘The art and discipline of business creativity’. The author takes the metaphor of Jamming sessions to explain how the creativity in organizations should be promoted. It basically says, just like Jamming sessions, the basics are in place but various players do some improvisation here and there, to create something new. The same way the business creativity needs to be incremental in nature and needs to happen at every step in every department. And it should happen on a continuous basis.

An interesting reading, if you are anchoring some new initiatives in your workplace. And are looking for insights into how to bring out creativity. And do things in a way that it sounds interesting to everyone involved. At the same time, they put their creative energies together to come out with a new winning idea. Though nothing great about the way it has been put.

You may buy this book Jamming The Art and Discipline of Business Creativity by John Kao at Amazon.

Jamming by John Kao

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