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Now this may be the most bizarre and whacky idea from by stable, as I am not a fashion expert nor a garment expert, but then sometimes ideas come to us and we must share them for people who can probably do something about them.

Yesterday, while going through the displays of tribal museum in Hyderabad India, I came across Jackets, Hats and long coats made out of levaes. I was told these are leaves of Adda tree. The leaves were closely packed to make thick fabric and stitched together with straws. There was absolutely no manufactured item here and everything comes from the Jungle.

Idea is to decipher this technique of making garments from tribal communities, and add a design to suit the sensibilities of your clientele and make truly organic and natural fabrics. The leaves were a dull green grey color, the color of dried leaves, but I am sure with a tinge of innovation, colors tones can be brought in. Though tribals make the basic garments for their consumption, I am sure our creative designers can make various things including accessories from leaves.

Challenges may involve scaling up the operations that would depend on the availability of leaves and durability of the product.

Eager to hear the responses to this.

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