ITE – Repair Centre

In this time and age, repairs is becoming a vanishing concept. It is difficult to find someone who can repairs your clothes, shoes, household goods specially in the upcoming areas dominated by shopping malls. At the same time repair is something that is needed to keep the green cause moving. If you can setup a center for all kinds of repairs say:
  1. Tailoring – including repairing broken shoes, bags, curtain rings, changing sofa covers etc
  2. Appliances repair – maintenance of mixers, iron boxes, TV
  3. Home needs – Plumbing Services, Carpentry services, painting job
If you can provide this at a single point of contact, you would be a big hit. Trick would be to provide reliable and dependable service. If you can establish a pool of trained or skilled service providers, there would be no dearth of customers. Challenge would be manage such a pool and run them professionally. Customers will be willing to pay and even give you time to serve if the service is dependable.
You can either target it for urban upper middle class, and work on a low volume high margin model or for the large middle and lower middle class with high volume low margins.
Another variation of this could be a working women’s aid, all the help that she needs for running her house.
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