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I moved to Goa a few months back and have been going to the beaches more as a local than as a enthusiastic tourists. Sometimes I just sit back and watch the happy tourists – happy because they are on holiday and many of them on their honeymoon. The dress code for Goa is – Minimalist – be it locals or tourists. While most men are in their easy shorts and T-shits ( that sometimes read funny messages), it is always interesting to see women specially dressed for Goa. You can see they have bought all that they are wearing just for this trip to Goa. Some of them are visibly uncomfortable in their unusual attire, but nonetheless to comply with the expected norms they  buy clothes different than what they would normally wear.

Now, should there not be Goan fashion designers who create these dresses and sell them in major cities and may be airports and definitely in Goa. Something like a beach wear or a coastal wear that can cater to various sections of society and nit just the high end fashion consumers.

Extend this thought to fashion required for other places and you may have a business model in place.

Extend this to what India or for that matter any other country can offer to the its visitors in terms of affordable fashion. I know many inbound tourists in India want to pick up local ethnic wear but suited to their needs. This is usually catered to by the street vendors who either sell export surplus or second hand stuff at a rate that they think the tourist would pay. There are no brands that exist in this space.

The market is huge and fragmented, the opportunity – big in my opinion if you cater to all sections of travelling middle class anywhere within a geography. If you can give the option of customization, there is no limit to the potential although it would mean as much complexity as well.

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