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This one may be micro-enterprise.

Doing your laundry is a basic requirement wen you travel for more than few days. Laundry charges are very high at most hotels, sometimes more than the cost of the garment itself. You have a choice to buy new pair of garment but then carrying them is a constraint. In fact if convenient and reasonable laundry services are available, most travelers would travel far lighter than they do now.
Idea is to put a small washing machine at a convenient place, where people can go and do their own laundry for a per load cost. A dryer would be an additional help as would be an ironing board. The total cost of equipment can be around 20-25 K and the minimum can be 10 K. The constraints that you need to figure out is that of space and water availability. 
My hunch is that people would be willing to pay something like Rs 100-150 per load of washing, but this of course needs to be validated. Idea is small and can be easily tested a couple of locations. Long term travelers would love this. 
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  1. This is definitely a good opportunity, Anuradha, if located in the right place, e.g. near hotels/guesthouses listed in a guidebook. Even though I travel light, bring quick-drying clothes to wash at them at the same time I have a shower, sometimes this is not enough to properly clean your clothes, especially if you have engaged in strenuous activity. It also depends on how much time you have at a given place; maybe not long enough for your clothes to dry. A laundry would be useful.

    I would suggest offering a combination of self- or full-service, depending on the cost to the customer. As you pointed out, if full-service is more than the price of buying a new article of clothing, I would just discard my old clothes and get new ones. But if one could save a lot by doing the laundry themselves, there may be a lot more customers.


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