ITE – Bill Management for Households


There are 10-15 monthly bill items that an average middle class household has to pay. Most of these bills land up at different points in time and have different due dates raging from a 1-3 weeks time after the bill is delivered.

Can someone develop an application where I can put all my monthly bills in one basket and pay at one go. There are a couple of ways this can be done:

  1. Service provider can have a pre-paid option where I put an approximate amount for my total monthly bills. I upload information about all my bills at the beginning with an option to add / modify / delete. The application pays my bills as they come and uploads the receipts in my account. I do not have to bother about individual bill payment. I may choose an option to get every bill in my e-mail box to validate it or may be authorize it to be paid. 
  2. The application should work out 1 or 2 dates which are most appropriate for me to sit and clear my bills for the month. 
  3. Application can also work with my bill payees to send all my bills between my chosen dates and then collate them for me to pay.
A detailed study of this need, needs to be done. I think there will be a market for this service as people often forget to pay some bills unintentionally. With the traveling and mobile populations, paying the bills becomes even more tough, specially some bills like electricity bill that can not be paid electronically. It would need tie with regular bill sending agencies.
My laundry list of monthly bills to be paid is:
  1. Mobile Bill for each family member
  2. Electricity Bill
  3. Water Bill
  4. Gas Bill – for piped gas users
  5. All Credit cards
  6. DTH / Cable service
  7. Maintenance of the building
  8. Rent ( in case you live in rented accommodation)
  9. School fees 
  10. Membership fees for clubs 
Other optionals that can be explored are:
  1. Newspaper bill
  2. Milk Bill
  3. Maid 
  4. Driver
  5. Dhobi
While the optionals may look difficult at the moment, I think that is where the real opportunity lies, specially with UID coming in and this can be the way to pay your support staff through a bank and force them to have an account.
If anyone wants to work on this, please get in touch with me.
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  1. Anu, this would be great if someone created it! Paying bills on different dates is a pain. Just saw your blog today through FB. Good job!


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