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Thought of Idea came when a FB friend said that it was just yesterday that we celebrated new year and its March already. All the resolutions we made have been forgotten though. Made me think of why do people loose focus on the resolutions that they make every year. Can technology and /or social media apps help them keep the focus on? And the answer is potentially yes. Technology can do two things

  1. Keep reminding the person of the goal, let them not forget it
  2. Create a public / peer pressure on them by making them commit to the resolution trackable by their friends online ( this has to be optional of course)

Let me take an example of something that I think is the most common resolution: Say a lady has made a resolution to eat healthier and hence loose weight. With a combination of SMS / E-Mail / Tweet / FB update she can be reminded on a weekend morning to go shop for fruits and vegetables for the week. On a daily basis she can be reminded of drinking 8 glasses of water, of eating the fruit at 11:00 AM, go for a walk. There can be some kind of tracking saying that you have not done this or you have done this well that can be shared with the family and friends. If people are inspired that inspires her back. A feature can be built to add sub-resolutions to the main resolution e.g. now that I have started eating fruits, I want to start doing Yoga, now that my Yoga routine is set, I want to do swimming on weekends.

Revenue Model – I think if designed well, people would be willing to buy the App, there may be ad revenue of complimentary products. I have not done the calculations of  financial model, so some thinking is required there.

My inspiration for this idea came from the website , that helped me write a daily diary, something I did not achieve ever in my life inspite of keeping a diary next to my bed. Since the day I signed up with them, I have not missed writing my diary. So, some reminders, some nudging helps till it becomes a routine, a ritual for you.


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