Inviting Innovation Case Studies

Inviting Businesses – both established and startups to submit their innovation case studies to be published as guest posts on this portal.

Process for Submitting Innovation Case Studies:

You can send the case study as per the below mentioned guidelines or you can send an initial e-mail to see if your idea qualifies for the Innovation case study. Email Id – [email protected]

You are not expected to share any information that can not be in public domain.

The curator of this section would reserve the right accept or reject any case study or to ask additional questions on the material submitted.

Once your case study is accepted, you will be informed of the day on which it would be published.


Guidelines for Submitting Innovation case Studies:

The invitation to submit Innovation Case Studies is open to all businesses in all domains and verticals, as long as they are creating value. However curators reserve the right to not feature certain categories that may not be in the interest of society at large.

Post should be minimum of 500 words

The guest post must be written by the Founders or a Senior team member of the business

Give a brief introduction of your business. Post should focus on the Innovation and the impact that has been created by the innovation.

Do not write about the ideas or the ideas that are still an experiment. Hopefully we will be able to feature them some time soon, but for now lets wait till they make an impact.

Talk about the challenges you faced and how to dealt with name. It should focus only on the business part and not on your personal stories.

You are welcome to talk about your product / service, but avoid pure sales talk.

You are encouraged to mention your contact details and social media co-ordinates in the post, so that readers and your potential customers can reach out to you.

Share at least one picture to go with the post.

All content ( text / pictures / audios / videos) must be original and you should have the legal ownership of it. Any plagiarism will not only mean removal of the case study from the portal but would also get a mention on the social media.

Anuradha Goyal