Obituary of a Lovely Concept

For more than 3 years, every evening at 8:30 PM I used to receive an e-mail from - an online diary keeping application...

Knowledge Connect – A citizen’s initiative

A few weeks back I got in touch with the trustees of Panaji first - an initiative by CII and some eminent citizens of...
Anureviews National record Limca Book of Records

Completing a Circle with Limca Book of Records

This year in the 25th edition of India’s premier record book Limca Book of Records, this blog found a place as a record...

5 Businesses that thrive on Corruption

Businesses serve a need, an unmet need of its customers. Sometimes they create the need and then serve them. Sometimes the need exists because...

Goa International Travel Mart – Some Reflections

Last week I spent couple of days at Goa International Travel Mart - 2014, a B2B event that brings together different players of the...

2013 in Books

 The books you read in a year can to an extent define the kind of year you have had. So towards the end of...

Will HD Set Top Boxes Change the Advertising Model for Content

I have been on Tata Sky + HD Set top box for over two years now, and my Television viewing habits have changed forever....

Intellectual Property; Dealing with Copyright Violation

I got up one morning, opened the newspaper and saw a picture from my travel blog staring at me. After confirming that it is...
Being a Politician - An Essay

Being a Politician

Politicians are one species that most of us like to hate. In my conversations with people from more than twenty odd countries, I found...

A Curse called IVR

IVR or Interactive Voice Response system is the technology that lets a machine interact with human being either through voice through a series on...

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