Ideas to Explore

ITE – Laundry Services at Tourist Locations

This one may be micro-enterprise.Doing your laundry is a basic requirement wen you travel for more than few days. Laundry charges are very high...

ITE – Localized Fashion

I moved to Goa a few months back and have been going to the beaches more as a local than as a enthusiastic tourists....

ITE – Tea Stalls / Chains

Tea is a basic India beverage. Most Indian love to have it, as a matter of habit, as a rejuvenator while breaking, as a...

ITE – Indian version of Family Tree Portal

I have been a member of MyHeritage portal for more than two years now and have been observing it very keenly. They started with...

Innovation: Bucket from Used Tyres

  I was in Jhabua, MP to attend a tribal festival and at that fair I saw various small innovations, or rather ways of using...

ITE – Tree Leaves Fashion

Now this may be the most bizarre and whacky idea from by stable, as I am not a fashion expert nor a garment expert,...

Launching Ideas to Explore

During my numerous readings, during my everyday experiences, during my interactions with all kinds of people, often some thoughts and Ideas cross my mind....

ITE – Repair Centre

In this time and age, repairs is becoming a vanishing concept. It is difficult to find someone who can repairs your clothes, shoes, household...

ITE – App for Meeting Resolutions

Thought of Idea came when a FB friend said that it was just yesterday that we celebrated new year and its March already. All...

ITE – Online Experience Gifting

The concept of gifting and the nature of gifts has changed over time. When we were kids, we wanted games and clothes, when we...

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